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Driving A Cab FAQ

   What are the requirements to drive at Yellow Cab?

       * You must have a good driving record. DMV records are obtained semi-annually on all drivers.
       * Criminal backgrounds are obtained on all drivers.
       * Yellow Cab conducts random drug screening.
       * Insurance qualification requires that new applicants be at least 25 years old, however; exceptions may be made for younger drivers with commercial driving experience.
       * You must have at least five years of driving experience.
       * West Virginia residents must have a "Class D" or above driver's license.

   How do I get paid for driving a cab?

       * In the late 1970's and early 1980's the taxi industry nationally converted to the "lease contract driver" system. Generally speaking, drivers lease a taxi vehicle and pay for dispatching services. Drivers then collect fares and tips from passengers. Money collected over the lease and fuel expense is considered driver profit. The system in each city and state varies slightly but the premise remains that fares collected over excess expenses are driver profit.
   How much can I earn driving a cab?

  Drivers set their own income level. Earnings are determined by the amount of customers you transport and / or how far each customer is transported. As an independent lease contractor your income will vary from day to day depending on the amount of business and the driver's own work habits. Experienced and knowledgeable cab drivers will generally tend to make judgments which will be profitable: basing them on the knowledge of regular customers; the time of the day; the day of the week; the weather; and many other intangibles.

       How may hours will I work, and what are my hours?

               New drivers are generally started on day shift until they learn the pattern of address numbering and the street layout in Huntington. Yellow Cab's maximum lease is for 12 hours per day. Breaks from driving are taken at the driver's discretion.

        What area of town will I be assigned to?

       *  Drivers are not assigned to any particular area.

   What maintenance will I be responsible for?

             Drivers are only responsible for operator maintenance such as checking fluid levels and checking tire air pressure at the end of their shift. All items are supplied by Yellow Cab.

  How safe is driving a cab in Huntington?

            Since 2002 Yellow Cab has employed some of the most advanced equipment available to our industry to ensure driver safety. Each cab is equipped with a two-way audio / video digital camera, drop safe, two-way radio, and an EDR. Yellow Cab also uses other equipment to ensure trip integrity. The resulting system of safety protocols has made Huntington one of the safest cities in the country to drive a cab.
  What kind of person drives a cab?

            Someone who enjoys working with and around other people.

         Someone who enjoys driving.

         A independent person with self motivation.
         Cab drivers come in both male and female, from all walks of life, and in all colors - over the road truck drivers, former law enforcement, college PhD's., and politicians (former WV Governor William C. Marland once drove a cab.)

         There is a difference between someone who drives a cab and a cab driver.  Real cab drivers are a different breed.  They are polite and service conscious while at the same time tolerant and discreet.  They take pride in their job and are respected by their customers.


   I drove a cab in another city.  How easily will I adapt to driving a cab in Huntington?

       * Our experience has been that most cab drivers can quickly adapt to driving anywhere in the US.  Cab passengers are the same all over the country.  The proximity dispatch system is the standard for the cab industry nation wide, regardless of whether it is done by voice or by data terminal.

   What is "proximity dispatch"?

       * In simple terms, proximity dispatch  is the method where a driver "bids" their proximity or location for an order. Dispatch determines which cab will be the closest, empty cab.  Drivers must be familiar with the streets to bid for orders.

      Will Yellow Cab train me?

       * Driving a cab is not an easy job but it's not a complicated job either.  Simply put, you drive people from one place to another.  Equipment particular to taxis, such as the meter or radio operates with the push of one button.
       * Yellow Cab will supply you with the tools necessary (Link to the Street Directory) to learn the street pattern of the city and the taxi zones.  The logical grid pattern of streets and avenues (1st Street, then 2nd Street, etc.) makes Huntington one of the easiest cities to navigate.
       * If needed, you will be allowed to ride with an experienced driver for several days.

   How do I apply to drive a cab?

       * Yellow Cab accepts applications in person at our office on 1st Street and 8th Avenue Monday through Saturday, 9am to 3pm.

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